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Pick Your Plan

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Submit Vet Records To:


Dogs cannot read. So read our rules in their entirety. Our dog park is 21+. Furry children only.

Rules for the Pups

1. No dogs under 4 months of age.

2. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. NO exceptions.

3. All dogs must be current on vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Titer vaccinations are accepted. * Canine Flu vaccine highly recommended if available.

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4. Submit vet records to

5. All dogs must be in good health with no injuries, wounds or parasites.

6. All dogs must be friendly and sociable. Aggressive dogs are not allowed.

7. All dogs in the park must wear a collar displaying current tags with name and contact info.

8. Small dogs may enter the large dog area at the owner’s discretion. Large dogs may not play in the small dog area unless given approval from a Bark Ranger.

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Rules for the Humans

1. Three dogs maximum per person.

2. NO OUTSIDE DRINKS PERMITTED. Food may be ordered from food trucks or delivered. Please CLEAN UP after yourself and please DO NOT feed the dogs. This rule applies to your own dog.

3. NO outside dog treats, toys or chews are permitted.

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4. All leashes, choke chains, prong collars and harnesses must be removed in the transition corral prior to entering the park.

5. All humans must sign a digital waiver of liability either on-line or upon check in. We will ask to see your I.D.

6. All dogs must be registered by their owner either on-line or upon check in.

7. Respect your Bark Rangers. If asked to separate your dog, leash your dog or remove your dog, kindly do so quickly. Ignoring a Bark Ranger’s request may lead to removal from the park by PG&J’s management.

8. Bark Rangers may separate dogs, redirect them to more suitable play or physically remove them from the play yard.

9. All dogs in the park must be accompanied by an owner/handler at all times. If you need to leave the park for any reason, please notify a Bark Ranger.

10. YOU are responsible for your dog’s behavior and the safety of you and your dog.

11. YOU knowingly and voluntarily assume any risk of harm to you and/or your dog.

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Please read our waiver carefully.
You will be required to sign this before entering the park.


Passes and Membership Levels

We offer a variety of plans to best suit you and your pups’ needs.
Whatever you are comfortable with, we just can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend.

Yearly Dog Membership


Family rates for additional pups are available.

3-Month Membership


* 10% Discount
Family rates for additional pups are available.

Monthly Dog Membership


Family rates for additional pups are available

10 Day
Park Pass


Valid for one year
Can be used on multiple dogs

5 Day
Park Pass


Valid for one year
Can be used on multiple dogs

1 Day
Park Pass


Single day access to the park
One pass per dog

No Dog Plan


Humans are FREE!
Waiver of liability
Must be over 21 years of age


Please email your vet records to:

“Thank You For Your Service” 10% discount off bar tab and merchandise.

This is good for all veterans, active duty, first responders. ID is required.

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