An alternative workspace for those that crave a change of scenery.

COVID-19 changed the traditional “office space” forever. Millions of people are working from home with their loyal companion right by their side. Day after day those adorable eyes stare at you just waiting for your attention or an inkling that they’ll get to go somewhere.

PG&J’s Dog Park Bar is your home office away from home.

We have plenty of workspace on our custom-built tables overlooking the historic Cave Hill Cemetery, the final resting place of Colonel Sanders and Muhammad Ali. We offer free Wi-Fi, locally roasted coffee from Fante’s and an assortment of hot tea. Our Bark Rangers will keep an eye on your pup while you answer those emails.

Are You Ready for a Tail-Waggin’ Good Time?
Stop feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home and start making memories together at PG&J’s Dog Park Bar.