A portion of every dollar you spend
with us is donated to saving lives.

PG&J’s Dog Park Bar has a goal to raise $25,000.00 each year by donating a portion of our sales, through PAWtnerships with pet-compassionate companies and in-kind donations that help our furry friends in need. At PG&J’s Dog Park Bar you are literally drinking for a cause.

While every rescue organization deserves financial support, we chose to support the following five organizations for very personal reasons.

Total donated since opening.
The Arrow Fund

The Arrow Fund rescues and rehabilitates animals from the worst of the worse cases of torture, neglect and abuse. They strive to educate the public and improve legislation for animal welfare laws in the state of Kentucky.

Penny’s Story

Joined the Arrow Fund Family in December 2020 with three broken legs!

She’s undergone multiple surgeries over the past year. Initially she had surgery to amputate one leg and plates inserted in the other two. As time progressed, her body rejected the plates and they had to be removed due to infection. The plates did what they needed to do before being removed and helped her bones heal properly. Penny has now recovered and officially joined the family that has been so instrumental in her recovery.

Dogs Helping Heroes

Dogs Helping Heroes restores lost freedom and peace of mind to wounded veterans, first responders and Gold Star family members. They improve the daily lives of these heroes by gifting them specially trained and certified service dogs.

The Kentucky Humane Society

The Kentucky Humane Society is the champion for companion animals. Through their leadership, education and proactive solutions they are building a more compassionate community. The owner of PG&J’s is a foster for KHS and foster “failed” and adopted her fourth dog, Austin, from them.

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful, gentle giant was moments away from death before a generous family dropping off donations noticed movement under a dirty blanket in the parking lot on a cold January afternoon. They immediately called the KHS staff who rushed out to assess the situation. No one knew how bad of shape Ethan was in but that didn’t matter. The devoted veterinary staff at KHS believes EVERY animal deserves a chance. That is exactly what they gave Ethan, a chance. Ethan’s story of hope and resilience has touched the hearts of so many not only in Kentucky and the US but around the world. Visit ethanalmighty.com for his full story and his journey in pictures.

MisPits and Friends Rescue

MisPits and Friends Rescue provides a temporary safe haven for ALL dogs regardless of breed, age or disability. Five incredible women accomplish this through their network of foster volunteers. Several of our customers have adopted their pups from here.

Edgar was found as a stray in Shelbyville at 12 years old. The shelter originally thought 7 but we had a feeling he was much older. You could tell he probably had no appropriate vetting a day in his life. While in our care it was discovered he had a grade 4 heart murmur (which included enlarged heart), bilateral luxating patellas and double ear infection. Aside from that he is the sweetest old man and loves anything and everything. He was with us for 4 months with little to no interest. He received an application from someone that grew up in a family that only adopts senior littles so it literally couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for him. He went on an adoption trial and the rest is history.

PBSF Dog Rescue

The mission of PBSF Dog Rescue is to save high-risk puppies and dogs in primarily Kentucky shelters. These include dogs at risk for euthanasia and dogs who need medical care. We work to give them a second chance at a wonderful life.

We offer a 10% “Thank You” discount off bar tab and merchandise.

This is good for all veterans, active duty, first responders. ID is required.

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